Cinnamon Tip Turkey Feathers


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Cinnamon Tip Turkey Feathers are generally sold as matched pairs and average 12 to 15 inches long. Turkey tail feathers have long, strong barbs. They are ideal when constructing feather wings for a flies such as hoppers or muddlers. Barbs from turkey tail feathers are often used in wedded wing patterns on Classic Atlantic Salmon Flies because their speckled pattern.

Cinnamon Tip Turkey feathers from Hareline are used for wet fly wings, muddler wings, wingcases, and hopper legs. Try these feather slips on Arlo’s Tungsten Jigstone. These are natural feathers from the tail of wild or domestic turkeys that display beautiful brown to bronze barring patterns. These are large feathers most useful to fly tiers for winding the fibers as body or making nymph wing cases or for using matched fiber sections to form wings for trout or steelhead flies.

$5.50 per pair