Eastern Sierra Region 1


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Eastern Sierra Region 1 covers the East Fork and West Fork Carson River, Wolf Creek, Heenan Lake, Indian Creek Reservoir, and Kinney Lakes. The map shows topographic relief, GPS Long./Lat., camping areas, road access, and trailheads. Special Features: Suggested Flies, Hatch Chart, Fishing Season and Regulations, Fish Identification, Catch & Release Procedures, and Stream Etiquette guidelines.

Eastern Sierra Region 1 is a wonderful area to fish. The East Fork Carson was one of the first streams selected as a “Wild and Scenic River” . The river has a healthy population of Rainbows, Browns, and Lahontan cutthroats. Southwest of the EF Carson “Wild Trout” section is Heenan Lake where Lahontan Cutthroats have been residents. Some of these cutthroats have reached over 20 inches. Another area of interest is Silver King Creek where there is the possibility to catch the rare Paiute Cutthroat up to the Snodgrass Creek confluence. Beyond Snodgrass, the streams are closed.

Other regions and specific Streams and Lakes, can be found on the website.