Half Grizzly Saddles


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Hareline’s Half Grizzly Saddles are Grade #2. They have long, narrow hackles in both natural and dyed colors. These are the hackles you want to use for some dry fly applications but especially on streamers. They make great hackles for Woolly Buggers and other Bugger patterns.  They make a good alternative to Bugger packs. Being Grade #2, they are also very affordable. Each saddle provides a variety of sizes with the lengths from 10″-12″.  Hareline’s Half Grizzly Saddles also provide a great variety in dyed colors from a vibrant to a more subtle natural. With a wide range of colorations, you can create streamers for both clear and murky conditions.


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Brown, Chartreuse, Natural Grizzly, Olive, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Tan, Yellow