Hareline Strung Peacock Herl


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Hareline Strung Peacock Herl has a brilliant metallic green hue – a completely natural color and reflective quality. This material is commonly used in both wet and dry flies as well as nymph patterns and flies requiring quill bodies. These are loose peacock herl fibers that have been stitched at the base to keep them aligned and organized.

Hareline Strung Peacock Herl is incredibly versatile. It can be wrapped to create bodies and thoraxes on nymphs and dries. Strip the fibers from the steam and the herl can be used to tie bodies on flies such as the Quill Gordon. It is also used as “topping” on streamers or as lateral lines on flies like Carrie Stevens’ Grey Ghost. It can be used as a wing as in the Steelhead fly The Alexandra. The Peacock Herl makes a great body on the Zug Bug.

Strung Peacock Herl , 5-7 inches.