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Schlappen  are the long webby feathers that flow from the base of the saddle and along the side of the tail of a rooster. They are opaque and dullish.  Schlappen from Scottish roosters were the original spey fly hackle. For this application, strip one side of the feather and saturate the portion that you are going to use with saliva. The saliva will break the barbules down slightly so that they won’t marry together and will remain separated, providing lots of action when fishing.

Schlappen can be also be used for tails, wings, throats, collars and palmered hackles on larger flies. The plumes that are webbier than Chinese Saddle Hackle. Ideal for  larger flies that call for bigger collars and palmered hackle. Hareline Schlappen is 5-7″ in length and comes in Black, Fiery Brown, Fl. Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Hot Purple, Olive, Red, White, and Yellow.



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Black, Fiery Brown, Fl Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Hot Purple, Olive, Red, White, Yellow