Tiemco 2499SP BL


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Nymph, Scud, Caddis Larvae Hook. Super point, Round, Straight Eye, 2X Heavy, 3X Wide, 2X Short Curved Shank, Forged, Black.

This is a unique barbless hook which has a wide gape but a 2x short shank to minimize levering. Perfect for hooking large trophy trout. It is based on TMC2488 with a 2X heavy wire for added strength. This hook features SPR-Barbless point, the “SP” stands for Spear Point Barbless; the hook features a hollowed curve point with triangular edges. The slow tapered point lowers resistance of penetration, resulting in faster hooking and better holding, supported by the tiny swelling of the point. Great for emergers, pupae & larva, shrimp, eggs, parachute patterns, and terrestrials. 25 hooks per pkg

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