Gadwall Feathers


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Gadwall Feathers are nicely barred, loose feathers of various sizes in a 5″ x 7″ bag. Very similar to Teal and Mallard but the black barring tends to be a bit stronger and the black a bit thicker. Gadwall flank feathers are similarly marked as teal but with a greyer background and barring that is not as finely penciled. A popular teal sub, it can be exchanged where teal is called for in most but the full classical patterns. The back “elver” feathers are used for some streamer smelt patterns such as Joe’s Smelt. Tied in flat over the hook they give a unique profile in the water. Smaller feathers can be used for cheeks on streamer flies. Gadwall can also be dyed and used for collars and throats on steelhead and spey style flies.