Pearlescent Flat Tinsel


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Pearlescent Flat Tinsel by Hareline Dubbin adds a pearlescent sheen while allowing the under color of the fly to show through. This tinsel will shimmer with the light and surrounding tying materials.  It is great for wrapping bodies on emerging caddis, shellbacks and bodies on nymphs or even for wrapping streamer bodies. Put a new twist on your “Lightning Bug” with Pearlescent Flat Tinsel.

To wrap tinsel around the shank without kinks, make sure you have a smooth underbody. Then, attach the tinsel by a point and have the tinsel angled in the direction you wish to proceed. Available in three fly tying widths: narrow 1/64″, medium 1/32″, and wide 1/16″ .

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narrow 1/64", medium 1/32", wide 1/16"